Trendy handbags handmade in Italy from fabrics, mesh, or straw

Manufacturer of a broad range of canvas bags for women and men, both in fashionable and sporty styles, including bags made from high-tech fabrics. We also distribute bags and travel bags from licensed Italian brands. Private label available

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Melito (Napoli)

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Brand of high quality, fashion handbags and evening purses made from exclusive fabrics and totally eco-friendly. Exclusive women's bags entirely made in Italy, in Florence, by skilled local artisans. Great choice for boutiques

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signa (Firenze)
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Brand and manufacturer of luxury handbags made from top-quality fabrics. One-of-a-kind models entirely made in Italy by highly-skilled artisans. Each bag is loaded with stunning content of style research and material innovation. Private label available to upscale brands

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Lesa (Novara)
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The MARINA MILANI brand designs and manufactures handcrafted bags with non-industrial processing, fresh design, attention to detail and all strictly Made in Italy. No processing or part of it takes place outside Italy, they are in the respect and protection of Italian workers. We have quality products, recognizable as artisanal, Italian and unique, customizable even in small quantities and with an excellent value for money. We produce for different brands and are VAT exempt of 22% even in Europe.

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Monterenzio (Bologna)
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Distributor of fashionable handbags for women, available in nice exclusive models

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Funo di Argelato (Bologna)
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Brand of eco-friendly fashion bags in a variety of models and trendy colors. Our fantastic bags are entirely made in Italy, using top-quality Italian fabrics. They are the perfect choice for women keen on sustainability and the environment

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Putignano (Bari)


All Bellla&Divina handbags in high quality leather from Veneto and Tuscany are manufactured following craftsmanship techniques.

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Arzignano (Vicenza)


Brand of one-of-a-kind eco-friendly bags, entirely handmade in Italy using 100% sustainable materials. Each bags can be customized and enriched with decorative accessories. Also available as a do-it-yourself kit, delivered in a fully eco-friendly packaging

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Casalina Deruta (Perugia)


Brand of high quality exclusive handbags entirely handmade in Italy by artisans using top-notch colorful fabrics. Fashion handbags designed after the best Italian style. Unique models for specialty shops and boutiques

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Rutigliano (Bari)


Brand of fashionable handbags for women, made from canvas. Large selection of trendy models and styles. The brand also offers fashion accessories, such as belts, key-holders, and scarves

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Capo d'Orlando (Messina)