How to have your products made in Italy

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How to with Private Label in Italy

More and more fashion companies, designers, retail chains, and large shops want to have their products through a Private Label service. This basically means that your products manufactured in Italy will come with your label and, if you wish, with the sought-after "made in Italy" mark too.

Most Italian factories offer Private Label, but some of them don't. Just ask for this when contacting them directly or sending a request to ItalianModa for submission to multiple Italian companies. Please describe your Private Label project with as much information as possible: this is important to get better feedback from the companies.

You can take advantage of two main Private Label scenarios:

  1. you select existing models from the manufacturer's current collections and want them customized with your label
  2. you provide your custom designs (tech pack) and the manufacturer will produce them after the information you provide (many companies can even add a complimentary style and technical advice)

Please consider the following points when thinking to your Private Label:

  • In case of scenario 2., please keep in mind that it requires a reasonable budget (usually not less than several thousands of Euros at the very least) and medium-long times. Low budgets have NO chance to match such a kind of Private Label service.
  • In case of scenario 2., clear and detailed sketches, drawings and technical data must be provided to the Italian company. The more information you provide, the better the understanding of the company about what you want to get. This will turn into a more accurate quote of sampling, delivery times and costs, avoiding losses of time and money.
  • Samples and molds are usually charged at cost and are extra to the Private Label production.
  • You should supply an approximate idea about the total quantity of items you want to have manufactured with your brand. If possible, please split such a figure in individual models, colors, and sizes.
  • Minimum quantities are always required for Private Label production. The goods news is that the minimums required by the Italian companies are usually pretty low and reasonable. Lower minimum quantities are often possible, but costs will be higher. If you want to have products from the manufacturer's current collections, yet customized with your brand, minimums can be lower.
  • The Italian factory can provide custom packaging too. If you have your packaging designs, you could send them to the company, trying to be as specific as possible about your requirements. This will allow the Italian factory to deliver an accurate quote. Alternatively, the company can also offer standard packaging customized with your brand.
  • All companies welcome you to visit their facilities: please consider a two-week warning time at least.
  • Payments for Private Label service and production are usually as follows: 30% upfront at order approval, 70% right before shipping. Payment accepted by the companies are usually bank transfer or credit card.
  • Shipping is always charged at cost for samples or production. If you have a favorite shipping company, you can use it.
  • Any possible local tax and/or customs duty is extra and has to be cleared by you when receiving the goods.

You can use the button below to get information about how to get in touch with the Italian manufacturers about your private label project. It is the easiest and quickest way to introduce your project and get feedback and quotes.

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