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Since 1981 method, tradition, innovation, research, development and enhancement of "Italian know-how" have distinguished the productions of high quality knitwear and accessories of the Macdonald knitwear factory.

Research and sampling development takes part in our style office with the help of newspapers libraries and specialised historical and up-to-date archives. The most important international trade magazines, grafic and photografic material, sample pieces etc ... along with seasonal fashion meetings for forcasting fashion and updating trends, support the innovative and cosmopolitan vibe of the collections. Research is stricktly carried out together with CAD department as to achieve the most innovative stitches and great attention towards experimentation is given. Our infrastructure allows to manufacture premium quality products under proper control. We are equipped with latest machinery to produce quality and we also ensure that all raw materials used are of premium quality. Nobile fibres belong to the most luxurious european and italian yarn suppliers. The best output can only be expected if the inputs are also the best. We take pride in providing our clients with ultralight see-through knits weaved on 20 gauge (our precious jewel) or thicker weaving that belongs to 1.5 gauge and allows great impact to sartorial details such as fully fashioned marks. Linking stage is carried out carefully and with high precision by team members which fill a valuable role. Linking adds an important value to garment especially if item is knitted on 20 gauge. The company has it’s own in-house laundry with ProFiBUS technology. This system allows to sotisfy the customer's needs and effluent treatment plant to wash all garments as to achieve soft and silky surfaces. This avoids that shrinking may occur once customers wash item. As to achieve best quality standard of final product, and in order to guarantee privacy of our clients collections, and in order to guarantee privacy of our clients collections, all working procedure undergo to close quality inspections.

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Macdonald - Embroidery Horse

Embroidery Horse

"must have" ... are those garments that cannot be missing from the wardrobe. the brand shows a knitwear at ease for him, with an ultra light, fine and modern up-to-date design.

Macdonald - New Look Camouflage

New Look Camouflage

sports world is converted to cashmere. our knits are comfy, dynamic and warm. cool variations whether for leisure time or household contexts are also versatile towards fashionable solutions.

Macdonald - Fancy Cables

Fancy Cables

innovative textures and jacquard expressions meet cutting-edge weaving technology. knitwear finds its utmost talented expression.

Macdonald - Shawl cable cardigan

Shawl cable cardigan

sustainability is one of the most current and important topics of our daily life. the use of eco-friendly yarns is our answer to climate change and states our aim to preserve and respect environment.

Macdonald - FF jersey cardigan

FF jersey cardigan

our classics figured out with new colors and yarns, outline the boundaries of men’s knitwear. unavoidable styles and renovated color shades are the fundamentals for alexridolfi’s man.

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Our Company


Macdonald, a company built on experience, creativity and product care stands, for providing high quality knitted products and accessories. This company was founded in 1981 by Donatella Marchetti and her husband Gianfranco Ridolfi. It’s aim was to rediscover and emphasize knitwear production stages along with essential elements of craftmanship that belongs to their native country’s cultural tradition. In the 80’s, Macdonald's cultural heritage and know-how together with it’s quality of workmanship and capability to produce a medium quality standard at a low cost, conquered the north european market. In the 90’s Macdonald decided to follow the winning policy of high quality. Technology and craftmanship were perfectly brought together thanks to innovative and sophisticated knitted electronic machinery. Through years and years of flourish activity, our company established a reputation for high quality fully fashioned garments. Our remarkable performance thanks to complete in-house state-of-the art manufacturing facilities and sophisticated technology allows superlative quality and guarantees privacy of the collections.



Macdonald's core business is the research, development and production of "ready to wear" knitwear collections for private labels. In these 40 years of history we have served the most famous luxury brands in the world. Since 2015 we have started serving emerging fashion brands by establishing a beautiful and fruitful teamwork with them.

Collections & Brands

In 2019, from an idea of the oweners' sons, born ALEXRIDOLFI men's knitwear collection. ALEXRIDOLFI’s man is dynamic, ascetic but trendy who loves his career, his family and his free time. ALEXRIDOLFI’s man has in its DNA the elegance (from the Latin e-ligere, “to know how to choose”) because he knows how to recognize pure quality yarns such as Cashmere, Wool, Silk so these are synonyms of "Italian craftsmanship and precious 100% Made in Italy know-how". Essential ingredients of this heritage is a combination of pure quality, international vibe and a respectful approach towards artisanal labour and sustainability whilst keeping an eye on price friendly solutions.

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Yes! About an official WEB site of ALEXRIDOLFI's collection, this is the address Regarding the catalogue, please send me an e-mail request on
We are an Italian fashion company, so our products come for a price, but they are the best in quality and style. These products are sought-after, really exclusive, and usually manufactured in low quantities. They offer great value for money, but they cannot be compared with the price of products coming from low-cost countries. If you are interested in products costing very few tens of US dollars or less, sorry, likely, we aren't your next supplier!
Yes. Occasionally we have some lots of overstocked products or assorted remainders from past seasons, including some second-grade merchandise. All of this stuff is sold at below-wholesale prices. Please ask for availabilities.
Please contact us detailing where you are located and what you are interested in. Although we have several agents and distributors worldwide, we are not everywhere. In such a case, we can sell wholesale directly to your retail shop. Our minimum quantities are very reasonable, and you can purchase at better prices when sourcing directly from us.
Our wholesale prices are already the best ones we can offer to first-time buyers placing small-medium orders. We try our best to be as competitive as possible without sacrificing our superior quality or service. Anyway, large orders or orders related to multiple quantities of the same article can be open to some negotiation.
Yes. We usually accept payments by credit card through PayPal. As an alternative, we accept payments by bank transfer. All payments are always advanced.
No, our company sells wholesale only. If you contact us detailing your full address, we can let you know about the nearest shop or boutique selling our fantastic products.
Usually, we don't, but we recommend you to contact us to check our current sales policy. We manufacture products and usually have no logistic facilities to provide dropshipping service. You can purchase from us at the lowest wholesale prices with very low or even no minimum quantities in such a case. Sourcing directly from us will give you a tremendous competitive advantage and higher profits!
Yes. Please send us a detailed profile of your past experiences and your current business. Please provide as much information as possible.

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