A few words about the story of ItalianModa.com company

We feel that a good idea becomes a truly excellent one when you couple it with experienced and talented professionals behind it.

People combining outstanding Internet experience in Web marketing and fashion-oriented B2B E-Commerce with remarkable fashion expertise.

People who reciprocate their knowledge in a perfect match. People deeply rooted in the Como-Milan region (northern Italy), one of the most acclaimed fashion districts in the world.

People possessing a global vision in which suppliers and buyers can interact rapidly, cost-effectively and efficiently, while obtaining whatever it is that they need, thanks to the professional support of real experts: the ItalianModa.com staff.
All of this, nearly two decades before others could even figure out something roughly similar.  

Our skills
E-Business for fashion industry 100%
B2B E-Commerce 95%
Visibility on WEB 95%
Marketing 90%

ItalianModa.com is a company combining the best in extensive fashion experience with substantial Internet marketing expertise and fashion-oriented E-Business.

The company is headquartered  in Cermenate (in between Como and Milan), Italy, having partners and affiliates placed all over Italy.

Since early 2000 the company is fully committed to developing and maintaining the acclaimed ItalianModa B2B marketplace, including advanced E-Business technology for the fashion industry. For example, ItalianModa has developed the outstanding "Moda Catalog," a world-class B2B Electronic Commerce platform. "Moda Catalog" is a terrific one-of-a-kind E-Commerce solution specifically designed for all those companies dealing with clothing, fashion accessories, shoes, leather goods, jewels, home linens, fabrics, and related products.

In 2015 it launched the ItalianModa B2B MALL, soon recognized as the reference site where international buyers can buy wholesale directly from the Italian fashion manufacturers or brands.


A word from the ItalianModa.com founder

Maurizio Verga, CEO/Founder
Maurizio Verga, CEO/Founder

Welcome to the ItalianModa B2B marketplace, since 2000 an entirely new concept of doing business with the fashion industry of Italy, employing the global communication tool we now know as the "Internet."

While receiving my formal education in weaving and textiles in Como (on Lake Como, in northern Italy, one of the most crucial worldwide textile districts), I dreamed of a time when computers would enable people to accomplish far more creatively, with much greater efficiency. It was 1982, and the Internet had yet to come into being.

I always had glimpses of a vision: a way in which to connect fashion professionals, empower them to work together, and conduct business successfully and rapidly without geographical barriers, all the while creating reciprocal profitability. Then the vision became clear, and it was born.

I gave it a name: ItalianModa. A wondrous place where small or medium retailers and larger corporations have an equal opportunity to conduct a highly profitable business with Italian fashion manufacturers, brands, and wholesale suppliers. A one-stop marketplace, so to speak, where a company can instantly locate exclusive hard-to-find "made in Italy" products and suppliers, establish commercial accounts, place orders through advanced online wholesale catalogs,  obtain surplus products at reduced prices, have easy-to-use and fast communication tools, and much more... all for free!

I have invested the past 35 years of my life in developing advanced computer technology for fashion and textile companies: the main focus being from textile CAD to archiving systems, from Websites to advanced, fashion-oriented, Electronic Commerce solutions, and from Web marketing strategies to superior Web solutions that are even increasingly more advanced. Now, you can take advantage of this fantastic technology and expertise.

You may experience, first-hand, the reality of this vision with me. It's simple. today, and enjoy the simplest, most profitable way to conduct business with qualified Italian fashion companies.

On behalf of the entire staff of ItalianModa and myself, we wish you much success in all your business endeavors. And we are confident that ItalianModa can help you to transform your dreams into reality, as I have seen mine.